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5 Future Cloud Computing Trends We Will See in 2021

Cloud Computing

A few years ago in 2015, cloud computing was a new concept. Only a few people know about it. Moreover, it was also a new word in the vocabulary of the people. Only a few people dared to see beyond this concept. After seeing beyond this concept, they can invest in technology. In 2015, its budget was only $2.8 billion. In 2020, it has increased up to $330 billion. Most of us are the witness of the growth in technology. In 2021, we are seeing new trends in cloud computing. Here, we will discuss the top five trends that we will see in 2021.

AI Will Improve the Efficiency and Speed of Cloud Computing:

The cloud providers will use AI to fulfil our cloud computing needs in 2021. The cloud providers will provide the best opportunity for users to enable cloud computing platforms to get access to the machine learning functions. In these machine learning functions, there come recommendation engines, recognition tools and language processing tools etc. To fulfil the needs of enterprises of all sizes, it will provide these services at any budget. As a result, enterprises can increase their productivity and efficiency.

We will also observe the impacts of cloud computing on autonomous vehicles and smart city infrastructure. The researchers are trying to combine AI and cloud computing in these fields. It will also play a vital role in the logistics processes. When it will play a vital role in the logistics processes, it will keep the data centres up and running. In these processes, we are consuming lots of power. To improve their efficiency, we will try to manage the power consumption through AI algorithms.

On-Premises Services Will Move to the Cloud:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of enterprises have started to work on it. They have started to move a large quantity of the on-premise equipment to the cloud. Some of them have also started to move the on-premise equipment to the co-location or managed infrastructure. During the lockdown period, it was difficult for people to get access to the equipment in the office. This thing has also accelerated this process. The enterprises have decided to work on alternatives to cloud services.

According to enterprises, if they will shift their infrastructure to the cloud, they can provide a flexible and safer solution for their employees. As a result, they can also save their businesses from delays. Moreover, it has also become a cost-effective solution for enterprises. Most of the companies have realized that work from home is safer not only for the employees but also for the employee productivity tracking software. In the future, we will observe a squeeze in the office space. After squeezing the size of the offices, the companies can save funds. Companies can use these funds to move their businesses to the cloud. It will also open up new ways for the IT-investments.

Healthcare Will Move to the Cloud:

Healthcare has been moving to the cloud for several years. In 2021, we will observe the same trend in the healthcare sector. Anyhow, the global cloud technologies in the healthcare sector will increase up to $25.54 million from 2021 to 2024. Cloud computing has allowed doctors to store the data of their patients on the cloud. This thing has opened up the ways for telehealth. The patients can get the facilities of the routine checkups at their doors. They can also get online consolations from their doctors.

Frost & Sullivan has published a report regarding the growth of telehealth. According to this report, they have seen an unexpected rise in this sector during the pandemic period. Cloud computing is providing flexibility to healthcare companies. Due to this flexibility, they can save money. For example, if lots of patients are visiting the doctors, they can increase their capacity. On the other hand, if this number has decreased, they can decrease their capacity. This thing will allow the companies to save money on the latest updates of the hardware and software. Its reason is that CSP will manage it automatically.

Introduction of the Virtual Cloud Desktops:

Research by a dissertation help firm shows that most companies will introduce virtual cloud desktops for their employees. The companies will try to manage the complete workstation from a managed cloud computing service. They will buy the by-the-hour subscriptions models. With the help of these subscription models, they will pay for these hours only. As a result, they don’t need to spend money to update the hardware. Moreover, they don’t need to dispose of redundant technology. We call this service the desktop-as-a-service.

Amazon is working on it. Amazon will introduce this service as the Workspaces platform. Microsoft will also introduce the same service under the name of Windows Virtual Desktop. Google is also trying to enhance the functionalities of the employees through Chrome book devices. When everyone will use up-to-date and synchronized technology, they can easily enhance their efficiency. Employers can manage all the devices from one location. This thing can also increase the security of the data. After removing an employee from the company, they can reduce the number of hours of this employee. As a result, they don’t need to pay for these hours.

Gaming Will Be Increasingly Delivered from the Cloud:

Amazon has introduced new tech giants and startups. It is offering a new platform for cloud gaming. Before it, we are enjoying the streaming of the music and videos. We can easily get access to a wide collection of music and videos just with the help of a single click. Similarly, we will also see the streaming of the games. We can buy the subscription model of the games. After buying the subscription model of the games, we can easily play the games. This will be the best opportunity for gamers. Nowadays, gamers have to spend hundreds of dollars to manage the hardware. If they will use this streaming service, they don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on the hardware. They can easily provide the live streaming of the games to their players.


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