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Top 8 Chikmagalur Resorts

Eagle Eye Resort

Chikmagalur is a beautiful village in Karnataka, on the foothills of the Mullayanagiri. Known for its coffee plantations and natural scenery, it is ideal for a relaxing holiday. According to legends, the Sufi peregrine Baba Budan Giri from the 17th century brought and plant in Chikmagalur seven coffee grains from Mecca. It is full of coffee plantations and is enclosed in its history. Chikmagalur offers a wonderful holiday, surrounded by wilderness parks, trekking trails, and wonderful landscapes. You’re sure to go home for more. Here are a number of resorts across the region that will remind you of your stay.


  1. Eagle Eye Resort


The Eagle Eye resort is located about 2900 meters above sea level in Chikmagalur, providing a wonderful view. The resort has a surface of 130 acres and offers many activities. There are many coffee and spice plantations. Pick accommodations like the simple rooms, the cottages, the villas, and the lovely Skywalk or the Waterfall villas are available for booking. They also feature a treehouse and a glasshouse which allows you to look around the beautiful landscape. There is also an indoor pool in the glass building. This is a perfect place to meet a community of people with many team-building events.


  1. Flameback Lodges


You can rent private villas, suites, and cottages at Flameback Lodges. The different choices are well-appointed and have a spectacular view of the surrounding lake. The villas have jacuzzis, so you can have a good night’s rest. You can prepare your own food with a mini-kitchen or have it in the lovely restaurant in the center of the resort. The Flameback Lodge has a spa, pool, fitness center, and lounge where indoor games are held. Many local attractions, such as waterfalls and mountains, can be seen nearby.


  1. Villa Urvinkhan


It is located in a coffee estate and gives you the luxury of a five-star hotel in a combination of home living. The estate is at about 3700 meters above sea level, offering an amazing panorama. Here you can see Western Ghats’ wildlife, such as Indian gaurs, wild boars, and deer. Many pavilions and other birds are also around, making it a spot for bird watchers. You may enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as fishing, trekking, or the ATV trails at Villa Urvinkhan. You have a panoramic view from the pool so don’t miss your swimwear.


  1. The Arabidacool Bungalow


The bungalow is located 4000 meters above sea level, Tata Coffee’s Arabidacool Bungalow. The estate was constructed in 1914 and is very large. In a huge bungalow, you can choose from heritage or luxury quarters. The property has lovely gardens and plantations. If you want to know more about the renowned coffee of Chikmagalur, this is the perfect place to stay. You can understand how coffee is cultivated and treated for human consumption by visiting the guided Bean for Cup tour. The cuisines are run and given a special homely flavor by the women of the coffee planters.


  1. Primrose Villas


The lovely villas of Primrose give a 360-degree view of the city and a stay you can certainly remember for a very long time. The villas have antique Victorian furnishings but have a contemporary feel. It gives you lovely views with glass doors. Primrose Villas deliver an incredibly personalized soap and cosmetic experience. Coffee, mountain walks, and tours to Belur and Halebid, Bhadra Tiger Reservation are provided at the resort. At night, you will enjoy a fire with friends and family. The golf course Chikmagalur is also in the vicinity. You can also play on a small cricket field.


  1. The Last Resort


The last resort is located in Kemmanagundi’s foothills. It gives you the opportunity to wake up every morning to views nature and is surrounded by pristine forests. You have clear views with the family and friends to enjoy sunrises and sunsets. You can choose from 21 lovely cottages at the Last Resort. They have chefs who can also prepare a wide variety of diverse and local foods. Here you will enjoy gun shoots, bowling, badminton, volleyball and darts and many other board games.


  1. Kalgreen Valley Resort


Located 3000 meters above sea level, the resort of Kalgreen Valley provides a spectacular view of the plantations and woodlands of Chikmagalur. The resort has a restaurant with many cuisines to meet everyone’s needs. A spa and massage area is also given for all visitors, which is perfect to relax after a short walk around the area. A standard room with all meals is available. It’s well equipped to keep guests satisfied with an incredible pool.


  1. Woodway Estates


Around fourteen kilometers from Chikmagalur are Woodway Estates. You’re surrounded by nature in the Bhadra Reserve. Five big, beautifully furnished rooms are offered by Woodway. Your restaurant cooks all kinds of food, and you will surely enjoy delicious local cuise. Try their chicken dish, Akki Roti and Koli Saaru. Woodway Estates offers some things like coffee, birdwatching and cycling, and if you’re on a Monday, you can visit your nearest shandy.


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