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How to Deal With Brother Printer Error 3b?

brother printer offline fix

Best Techniques for Fixing Brother Printer 3b Error

The Japanese printer brand Brother is a most preferable brand for home printers due to its costs. Brother printers have very good prices and are available with various specifications.

The robustness of these printers are more than other brands. But there are few errors which get the printer into error. You need to check the solutions for Brother printer offline fix for troubleshooting the errors.

The error code 3b on your Brother printer appears when the printer is unable to recognize the cartridge but there are also few other reasons behind the error.

Reasons Behind Brother Printer Error 3b:

  1. Brother printer is unable to find the cartridge
  2. Empty ink cartridge
  3. You are trying to print invaild page
  4. No paper on input tray
  5. Brother driver is corrupted or outdated
  6. Error in printer network configuration
  7. User has lots of pending print jobs

Best Solution for Fixing Brother Printer Error 3b:

Check for your cartridge

Your Brother printer won’t work without the cartridge. Whenever the error occurs on the printer; check for the cartridge. Take out the cartridge carefully and check the pins.

If the cartridge pins are broken then you have to get the new cartridge for the printer. Some users get the error b3 after installing a new cartridge.

This happens when the user forgets to peel the protective tapes from the pins. Check the pins of your cartridge and remove the tape.

Make sure you have removed all the orange clips and tapes from your cartridge and then reinstall it on your Brother device. Now go to your PC, open a document and give a print command to the printer.

Check the document

The printer can get into an error state when the user is giving the print command for an invaild document. Indeed you can take printouts of documents, graphs, images and photos but there are also some unprintable documents.

When the user mistakenly gives the print command for an invaild document; the device gets into error. Test the printout by giving the print command for another document. If the printer works that means the error is appearing due to the document. 

Run the printer troubleshooter

When you can’t find the reason behind the error then try running the printer troubleshooter. The printer troubleshooter can fix the many Brother printer related errors.

  • Open your Settings page on Windows PC.
  • Now from the Device; go to the Printers and Scanners.
  • Tap the Manage button and run troubleshooter on the printer page.
  • The printer troubleshooter will run and check for related issues.
  • Check the result page and restart your device. 

Update your printer driver

When the printer is showing error; check for Brother printer driver update. If your driver is corrupted then run a driver repair tool. You can get the driver repair tools on the internet.

Download and run the printer driver and it will restore the corrupted driver files. You can also uninstall the corrupted driver and then reinstall the new driver from Brother website. After repairing the driver; run the printer and check for the error.

Check for the pending print jobs

Your Brother device will show errors when its memory gets filled up. The printer memory stores the print command. When the user sends many print commands to the device; the printer starts showing errors due to low memory. You have to delete the pending jobs in an account for fixing the error:

  1. Open your computer
  2. Navigate to the PC Control Panel
  3. Choose the Hardware and Sound
  4. Click on Devices and Printers
  5. Select Brother printer
  6. Go to what’s printing tab

Tap the Cancel all documents button. The pending print jobs of your Brother printer will be removed. After cleaning the print queue; restart the printer and check for Brother printer 3b error. If the user is still facing the error then he can ask the Brother technical team for help.


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