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The Everest Base Camp Trek is the most famous Trek in Nepal which is famous for its breathtaking views of mountain peaks and the beauty of the hills. The peak is at an altitude of 18,200 ft. On this trail, you will get a glimpse of the mighty Everest, Makalu, Lhotse and Cho Oyu and make your way through the largest glaciers of Himalayas like Ngozumpa and also see Khumbu glacier. Most of the places that will take you to this spot go through ridges and trails, but you will have enough space to rest or relax and have meal on your way there. And you do not have to worry about being lost and this makes this even more appealing, you can ask around people and they will help you out to find the next village. The people here are friendly and very welcoming and would never turn you away and will help and support even strangers. The people here understand english and some speak it very fluently, so language would not be a barrier either. Everest Base Camp makes you feel things you have never felt before and this makes it the experience of a lifetime. 


Best Time To Visit

One may visit this destination all around the year as people trek here in all seasons, but the best time to visit this area starts from March and goes till mid May and then from Septembers and goes till mid November. People usually avoid coming here in winters as the temperature is very low and it is extremely cold and there is snow all around and this will make your trekking experience very difficult. In such circumstances and conditions, it is not very possible to go to the higher altitudes.



The Himalayas which is the home to Everest, has the third largest concentration of ice after the polar regions on the planet and are often called the third pole of the planet.

The weather and climate at Mount Everest is always at extremes, which is obvious due to the high altitude. Temperatures at the summit are always below freezing point and during the month of January temperature can go down as low as -60° C. The biggest challenge faced by climbers are hurricane force winds and wind chill apart from the fact of temperature being low. During the winter hurricane force winds may develop, reaching the speed of more than 285 km per hour. These winds cool down during the month of May and most climbers try to attempt climbing the peak during this short period of time,which leads to crowding.


Major attractions

  • Snow-crowned mountains
  • Religious sites
  • Sightseeing



  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • sightseeing
  • Experiencing local mountain culture


Precautions and Essentials

  • Good trekking shoes are must to ensure comfortable and smooth trekking experience. 
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes. 
  • Carry woolen clothes. 
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking is highly unadvisable. 
  • You should stay in a group as there are wild animals in the forests.
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Complete trekking gear
  • ID proof is necessary for all trekkers. 
  • Bring along some water and food with yourself.
  • Carry a double strap backpack, sling bags are not recommended. 
  • Carry mosquito repellent and sunscreen. 
  • For emergencies carry raincoats, jackets, first aid and some extra clothes. 
  • Carry minimum weight. 
  • Don’t litter. 
  • Stay with group and don’t wander on your own. 
  • Take care of your own luggage. 
  • Carry your medicines, if any. 
  • Carry your camera and mobile phones at your own risk. 
  • Don’t endanger your life while trying to click risky pictures. 


The whole world recognizes the Everest Base Camp trail. A trip to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world is literally on every mountain lover’s to-do list. You see the breathe Khumbu glacier, which is the Western shoulder of Everest. It is a sight that blesses your eyes and soothes your soul, and you lose the sense of where you are. Walking up to the expedition tents on the Everest Base Camp brings you another level of joy and excitement. The trek to Everest Base Camp is, of course, among the most picturesque sites in the Himalaya and is also the most ideal place for all thrill seekers.


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