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Five Himalayan Top Treks In Garhwal

har ki doon trek

A treasure house for any exciting walker searching out his real calling on the rugged terrains of snowy peaks and lush green valleys is the Garhwal Himalaya on the North and North-East side of India.


The proliferation of mountain peaks from all directions and the intermediate valleys cut by swift mountainous streams makes for an enormous number of walking trails across the area. The area as a whole is a paradise for trekkers because it has plenty to do for advance or novice trekkers of all sorts.


And because of this enormous variety of hiking choices, hikers frequently get confused about which trek to go. And one of the treks available here is not the worst thing ‘bad’ about it. It is a tough choice to make for someone who is good in their own way and provides a special plate for walkers. The best we can do is to detail the different treats on offer so that everyone can make an informed decision. What we should do most interestingly is


Garhwal Top 5 Treks


  1. The Valley of Flowers Trek


Just as the name indicates, the flower trek valley is a floral riot from start to finish. From mid-July to mid-August, the best time to go on a trek to this mystical land is when the varied flowers in the area flourish in full after Monsoon. The normal duration of the hike is six days and is challenging to accomplish. The trek starts at Govind Ghat, from where the road to Ghangria goes for approximately 12 km. The Sikhs and Hindus, Hemkund Sahib, are both a holy pilgrimage site and a serene lake that reaches the Ghangaria following a steep 5-km walk away. This tranquil lake is home to some of the most beautiful flowers such as the Brahma Kamal.


  1. Har Ki Doon Trek


Located on the west of the Himalayas Garhwal, Har Ki Doon Trek is well known for its cage-like valley nestling on the top of the Har Ki Doon. The valley is considered to be one of the key attractions for its quiet hamlets and quaint local life. The trek is accessible via the National Park of Govind and is popular for its rich flora and fauna. If you want to see topography or geology, this trail lets you enjoy the magnificent alpine woodland, picturesque riverside glaciers, picturesque local villages, Morain ridges, and particularly the slow pace of this region’s pure lifestyle.


  1. Gaumukh Trek


On the foot of Gangotri glacier, this 7-8 day walk will take you to Goumukh cellar from which the Rivers Bhagirathi flow. The walk begins at Gangotri and continues on the way through Chirbasa and Bhojbasa to Gaumukh. The whole walk is through the grave terrain of the Himalayan foothills.


The walk takes you up to Bhagirath and Shivling hills. Shivling is one of the world’s most stunning peaks. The Bhagirathi twin sisters, flowing down from the cave at night from Bhojbasa, are one of the most beautiful places of this hiking tour. This trek with some steep walks has average moderate difficulty.


  1. Roopkund Trek


Roopkund is one of the easiest and popular hiking routes in the area and one of the most picturesque routes available. The walk leads to the glacier lake of Roopkund, where there are more than 500 remains of people and horses, as well as other animals, that have led historians to theorize that an otherwise prosperous colony was wiped out due to epidemics, blizzards, or some other natural disaster. The trek has part of it along the river Pinder, which gives the trekker a caressing, soothing breeze.


  1. Dronagiri Trek


Surrounded by myths and mystery, the Dronagiri is an overshadowed trek not known to many. The same Mountain as Hanuman had cut the summit off and carried Laxman out of Ravana’s Shaktishel to Lanka. The top of the mountain looks like the section is cut off from the summit.


It is an excellent place to produce and buy raw materials for ayurvedic medicines due to the abundance of medicinal herbs. You will take the trek to Dhaar, Changa Banga, Nandi Kund, Hardeol, Trishul and so on. In 2017, this tour was named trek of the year and you certainly will try it.


There’s no better, each of them in its own way is special and beautiful. Get ready and start soon. So get your gear ready. There are several treks that you have to cover. Good luck!


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