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Offbeat Weekend Getaways Hunting? A DIY Guide From Delhi to Kareri Lake

kareri lake trek

The locals of Kareri are fascinated by the word ‘crazy.’ The shepherds from Gaddi have gradually picked up some hipster jargon from travellers who have been on short weekend hiking in Dharamshala, Mcleodganj or Dharamkot to the northwest end of Kangra district. Now, when you ask questions about Kareri Lake Trek, or about the weather, these wandering shepherds will quickly pull their words off the cock and say, “Crazy hai, crazy”


The Kareri Lake Trek is still less known, as is the case for the majority of the short rides around Kangra. My research before the trek included reading a few blogs on the web, which tell us that a classic stone trail of the Himalayan trail marks the way to the lake.


‘A three-day Kareri Lake Tour is organized by several trekking outfits, but Kareri is a DIIY (do-it-yourself) track if you are aware of the mountains and prepared for uncertain weather conditions. Here are a short itinerary and tips I picked up last week in Kareri to help you plan a weekend trek to Kareri.


Complete itinerary to Kareri Lake trek


Get a bus from Delhi to Dharamshala. Night busses take you in the early morning to this hill town of Himachal.


Day 1


A bus or taxi to Kareri Village is available. Keep in mind that in the morning there are only two buses leaving Dharamshala for Kareri Village. Taxis run throughout the day from Dharamshala’s Men’s Ex-Service Taxi Stand and in two hours from Kareri Village.


Kareri Village Acommodation: Forest Rest House is available for guests wishing to spend their night in Kareri Village. You’re hardly going to have any stores here, so you’ll need to buy everything from Ghera, a Dharamshala village of Kareri.


Day 2


Start your trip to the lake to store your snacks and water for the next day’s hike. The path continues from Reoti and the magnificent view from the fresh Nyund to the left. The trail is a mixture of steep paths of stone and clear green wilderness along the river. Spring across the river on the other side of the river at the end of the trail. Walk up to the last hill over the lake of Kareri.


Kareri lake accommodation: If you carry your own tent, you can choose a location around the lake where you can pitch the temple. Wanderers usually camp near the Temple of Shiv Shakti since the only shop here has food and water supplies. You can also set up a tent in one of the vacant Gaddi shelters near the temple, to save yourself from the harsh winds at night.


Day 3

On the following day you follow the same path to the village of Kareri. The Kareri Lake or Reoti Lake are the best place to have breakfast, but don’t walk to Reoti without a heavy meal. This downhill walk is not to take you longer than 3 – 4 hours, and you can take a refill of water bottles and snacks in at least 3 to 4 shacks.


Guides and tents


Sunrise Cafe, the only shack in Kareri Village, can arrange tents for rent and local guides. If you don’t trust yourself, a guide can accompany you on the trail ahead. You can rent tents in Kareri Village, either you can rent them in Reoti or you will have to take them to your destination. On the following day the same tents can be brought to the village of Kareri.


Tips to remember


  • Here’s a predictable weather. Always carry your rain gear and your walk, especially during the monsoon in Kareri.


  • Make arrangements for food and water from Ghera if you intend to stay more than a day in Karers Village.


  • ATMs can be accessed only in Dharamshala, and the withdrawal of cash on the route is not provided for.


  • Do not drink water from the river. Every day, you have to take 2 liters of water. From the shacks, the bottles can be recharged.


  • The Sunrise Cafe in Kareri Village offers you the possibility of making arrangements for taxi back to Dharamshala. Before you start your tour, it’s best to inquire into and arrange before return taxis.


The trek starts from Ghera and another route leads you through the village of Nolli. But the trail after Nolli Bridge remains the same apart from the initial detours.


Tell us all your tips and tricks for the Kareri Lake trek if you have taken an alternative route to the lake in the commentary section below.



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