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The 7 best places to schedule your stay in Kasol!

kasol kheeganga trek

Himachal Pradesh is one of Kullu district’s most beautiful places. The thundering River Parvati, originating from the ManTalai Glacier and sparkling across Parvati Valley, breaks into Bea River near Kullu is one of the major attractions in this region. Snow-capped mountains are the site of the sparkling river, certainly soul-friendly.


Weather In Kasol


Known as Himachal Pradesh’s Mini Israel, Kasol is one of the year-best round’s places to visit. However, for various travelers the absolute time to visit Kasol is different. For example


Winters: November to February is the best time for indulging in this place’s natural beauty. The whole Parvati Valley is covered by a thick layer of white snow during this time. During these months, the good weather makes this location even better for newbies. A cup of coffee is a treat to watch along the riverside, in the center of clean glacial rivers and snowy mountains.


Summer: In Kasol, the summer is between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius, during the months of March and June. In these monthly walking, camping, and walking, visitors from various parts of the world visit Kasol. Indubitably the best time to camp in Kasol, from March to June. During this time there are also many DJ parties and music parties, which make it a perfect destination for party and music lovers.


Monsoon: There is a strong risk that the towns of Kasol will be blocked by roads and flooding due to landslides and rainfall between July and September. While in the midst of lush greenery it may sound romantic – it doesn’t. During these months, it is therefore not advisable to visit this location.


1. Kabila Camps


Kabila Camps is one of the favourite campsites among tourists travelling to Kasol, situated by Parvati and in the middle of rolling mountains. All the camping packages provided by Kabila Camps from a Swiss tent to a conventional one are affordable. You can also tailor the packages according to your budget. You will lose yourself by this scenic campsite because of the calming vibes of the nature and tension. It’s one of Kasol’s best camps.


2. Parvati View Riverside Camps


If you are looking for a walk or a relaxing stay in the natural world, the Parvati View Riverside Camps is the best option. Next to the Parvati River you will find a variety of cosy and cheap tents to enjoy happy holidays like never before. Be sure that well kept tents and good food options are available here.

3. Orchard Camps

Nestled outside the turmoil of the region, Orchard Camps offers the ultimate destination to relax and lose yourself in the calming rhythm of the rivers of the Parvati river. Surrounded by mighty hills and surreally surrounded, this campsite allows for fresh air and the finest walking and sightseeing opportunities.


4. Jalpa Camps

Jalpa Camps is one of the camps to stay in Kasol, offering a quiet escape into the mystical domain of nature. The camp serves amazing, nutritious and delicious vegetarian food that will tempt you to return here over and over. This is one of Kasol’s most famous camps. Along with the gurgling sound of the water streams, there is a hilly view of the mountain ranges.


5. Parvati Wood Camps

Do you need a home in the forest, far from the hustle and bustle of the city? If so, the Wood Camp Parvati is definitely an excellent place to camp in Kasol. Situated a short walk from the main town, these cosy wood camps give the perfect atmosphere of Kasol! The proximity to the River Parvati makes it a favourite spot for those who enjoy a holiday in the countryside.


6. Mahadev River View Camps

As its name suggests, the View Camps of Mahadev River offer spectacular sites on the Parvati River and the lush green valley surrounding them. It lies a short walk from the city centre and is a great escape for freaks of adventure. You can choose between luxury tents and even inexpensive camps. Don’t forget to taste local delicious dishes served here! It’s one of Kasol’s most favourite camps.


7. Aman Camps


Aman Camps can be a great holiday for those searching for a campsite in beautiful surroundings. From these convenient and secure campsites, you can catch Kasol’s panoramic beauty with all the modern amenities on your camper vacation! The on-site restaurant serves both Indian and foreign flavours.



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